Couple who have fostered 150 children lead campaign

Mr and Mrs Moore The Moore's have fostered more than 150 children since 1967

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A Castletown couple who have fostered 150 children are leading an appeal for more people to become foster parents on the Isle of Man.

Barbara and Dennis Moore have been fostering since 1967 and will be on hand to give advice at a number of drop in sessions in coming weeks.

The couple have devoted themselves to looking after children after finding out they could not have their own.

Mrs Moore said the "emotional rewards make it incredibly worthwhile."

According to local charity Fostering First, there are currently 48 active foster carers available on the island with 47 children in placement.

Deputy Team Manager Nigel Howard told the BBC there is always a need for more carers.

"All carers take on different fostering functions. The need is around how we match carers with children.

'Abuse and neglect'

"We have a number of couples like the Moore's, who have done an incredible job, but are at the end of their careers and we need more to come forward."

The drop-in sessions will be aimed at answering any questions potential carers, who must be over 21, may have.

Mrs Moore said: "For anyone who loves children, it's a wonderful thing to do. It's not just what you give to children, it's what they give you back".

"We still receive cards from them, some of which are now in their 40s with their own children".

Mr Howard added: "Every year we see a number of children who need to be cared for by people other than their own family.

"This may be because parents are experiencing difficulties within their own lives which affects their parenting capacity, or sometimes elements of abuse and neglect.

"Some of these children return to families after a short period of time - sometimes weeks or months - but sometimes these children need a supportive foster family until they reach adulthood.

"All the staff at Fostering First have had great relationships over the years with Mr and Mrs Moore and we are thrilled that they have offered to 'mentor' new carers.

"The sessions will allow anyone who is interested in becoming a foster carer to find out what is involved.

"There are also a number of children's homes on the island run by St Christopher's and the Children's centre."

Session dates

Tuesday 28 January: Castletown Civic Centre, Farrants Way, Castletown.

Thursday 30 January: The Children's Centre, Douglas.

Tuesday 4 February: Church on the Rock, Princes Road, Ramsey.

Thursday 6 February: Peel Centenary Centre, Athol Street, Peel.

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