Bad drivers on Isle of Man face £120 on-the-spot fines

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New measures allowing Manx police to issue on-the-spot fines of £120 for driving offences have been introduced.

The legislation, which comes into effect on Tuesday, is expected to save the government about £100,000 per year.

It is thought the move will also take pressure off the justice system and remove bureaucracy for the police.

There are an estimated 600 speeding cases on the Isle of Man every year, each requiring two hours of police court preparation time.

A government spokesman said the fines imposed would be "proportionate" to the crime and "action will only be taken when necessary".

Home Affairs Minister Juan Watterson said: "There are a number of offences which can now be dealt with by a fixed penalty, including failing to comply with a school crossing, inconsiderate cycling and speeding.

"However, road users are within their rights to refuse a ticket and elect to receive a court summons."

The measures were approved by Tynwald last November.

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