Dr George Daniels: Blue plaque for 'watchmaking great'

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Watchmaker George Daniels home honoured with blue plaque

A commemorative blue plaque has been unveiled at the former Ramsey home and studio of the late watchmaker Dr George Daniels in the Isle of Man.

In a career spanning 60 years, the London-born watchmaker dedicated himself to the pursuit of watchmaking perfection from his island studio.

Watchmaker Roger Smith said his achievements were "astonishing."

It is just the third blue plaque to be awarded on the island following the Bee Gees and Archibald Knox.

Dr Daniels made every component of his watches by hand.

'Absolute accuracy'

It was a task which involved mastering more than 30 long-forgotten skills to painstakingly craft 150 individual components, before developing a mechanism which ensured absolute accuracy.

Mr Smith said: "It is the equivalent of one man designing and making every single component of the greatest car the world has ever seen in his garage at home, right down to putting hide leather on the seats and hand-stitching it.

"He was the greatest horologist of his time. It is brilliant to have this permanent reminder of his achievements."

Members of the British Horological Institute, the Antiquarian Horological Society and the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers attended the plaque ceremony.

Dr Daniels' most successful invention, the co-axial escapement, won him international acclaim and is regarded by experts as one of the most significant horological developments in 250 years.

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