Scottish referendum: IoM to monitor Scottish developments

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The moment the No side won an unassailable lead over the Yes camp

The Isle of Man wants to continue its "positive relationship" with Scotland following its independence referendum, the island's chief minister has said.

On Thursday Scotland voted to stay in the United Kingdom after voters rejected independence.

With the results in from all 32 council areas, the "No" side won with 2,001,926 votes over 1,617,989 for "Yes".

Allan Bell MHK said the Manx government will be "closely monitoring further developments" following the no vote.

He said: "Although Scotland has voted in favour of remaining within the UK it is expected to gain greater autonomy, short of full independence, and that could have implications throughout the British Islands."

"We have developed a good working relationship with the Scottish Government in recent years and there is no reason why that should not continue now that the results of the referendum are known."

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond has called for unity and urged the unionist parties to deliver on more powers whilst David Cameron said he was delighted the UK would remain together.

The UK Prime Minister said the commitments on extra powers would be honoured.