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Manx Gaelic 'warriors' praised for language revival

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Image caption Many have been involved in the revival of Manx Gaelic which is one of six Celtic languages- the others are Irish, Scots Gaelic, Welsh, Breton and Cornish

A researcher from the United States has praised language "warriors" in the Isle of Man for bringing Manx Gaelic back from the brink of extinction.

Lecturer David Harrison travels to remote corners of the globe to help revive endangered native languages.

Dr Harrison has previously worked in Siberia, India, Mongolia, Bolivia, the South Pacific and North America.

He said: "From a global perspective, what the Manx language warriors have achieved over the years is exemplary."

The academic added: "Manx revitalisation is a success story - it's one of the bright spots in an otherwise gloomy landscape of language extinction around the world.

"Its revival is a role model, I can feel the energy, the passion and the inspiration."

Dr Harrison said the Manx language had come to his attention because of its "robust online presence".

Manx voices

In 2013 a children's language app was created by the Manx Heritage Foundation (MHF) and later that year the first children's television series was translated into Manx.

Thousands of people have also downloaded a free language learning app.

"I'm working with a global media provider company and together we are making a short documentary to showcase the voices of the Manx language advocates - we want to tell their story and we think it will be very powerful.

"We have talked to three generations of speakers, they have all converged on a common love of the language and a desire to see it survive."

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