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Isle of Man heritage Viking loan for UK exhibition

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Image caption The Isle of Man still retains traditions linked back to its Viking past like the parliament of Tynwald, which dates back more than a 1000 years

Part of the Manx Viking collection has been loaned to a UK museum for a major new exhibition opening later this year.

The National Maritime Museum in Cornwall plans to run Viking Voyagers from 20 March to 22 February 2017.

Sword parts, glass beads and iron nails from a Viking ship burial are among the items on loan from the Isle of Man.

Allison Fox, archaeology curator at Manx National Heritage (MNH), said: "The Isle of Man became a central part of the Viking territory."

She added: "Many wonderful Viking Age artefacts have been discovered over the years on the Isle of Man through archaeological excavation and metal detecting.

"Thanks to the generosity of the finders and landowners, many have been donated to the National collections.

"The Manx Viking artefacts travelling to Falmouth will help tell the story of who the Vikings were and how they managed to colonise such a large swathe of Europe."

Richard Doughty, director of National Maritime Museum Cornwall said other lending partners for Viking Voyagers includes the National Museum of Ireland and the National Museum of Denmark.

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