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Isle of Man 2016 General Election Results

Here are the full results of the 2016 Isle of Man General Election.

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Isle of Man 2016 General Election results

Boundary changes saw the number of constituencies reduced from 14 to 12 for this election. Each area now elects two members to the House of Keys.

Constituency results

Arbory, Castletown and Malew
Candidate Affiliation Votes Status
Richard McAleer Independent 718
Philip Gawne Independent 972
Graham Cregeen Independent 991 Elected
Carol Quine Manx Labour 267
Jason Moorhouse Independent 1066 Elected
Carl Parker Independent 890
Stephen Crowther Independent 950
Ayre and Michael
Candidate Affiliation Votes Status
Patrick Ayres Liberal Vannin 39
Timothy Baker Independent 1571 Elected
Alfred Cannan Independent 1736 Elected
Alan Kermode Independent 440
Carlos Phillips Independent 1331
Louise Whitelegg Independent 563
Douglas Central
Candidate Affiliation Votes Status
Kurt Buchholz Independent 632
Ann Corlett Independent 1031 Elected
Richard Falk Independent 540
Sara Hackman Independent 342
Michelle Inglis Independent 95
Chris Thomas Independent 1571 Elected
Douglas East
Candidate Affiliation Votes Status
Clare Bettison Independent 561 Elected
Quintin Gill Independent 415
Richard Halsall Manx Labour 163
Jon Joughin Independent 480
John McBride Independent 303
Chris Robertshaw Independent 487 Elected
Cat Turner Independent Green 324
Amanda Walker Independent 373
Douglas North
Candidate Affiliation Votes Status
Karen Angela Independent 287
David Ashford Independent 1219 Elected
John Houghton Independent 775
Ralph Peake Independent 1177 Elected
Lynn Sirdefield Manx Labour 343
Douglas South
Candidate Affiliation Votes Status
Kate Beecroft Liberal Vannin 1134 Elected
David Fowler Independent 296
Keith Fitton Independent 767
Bill Malarkey Independent 952 Elected
Candidate Affiliation Votes Status
Andrew Barton Independent 346
Daphne Caine Independent 1270 Elected
Nigel Dobson Independent 231
Martyn Perkins Independent 1767 Elected
Andrew Smith Independent 1247
Glenfaba and Peel
Candidate Affiliation Votes Status
Geoffrey Boot Independent 1805 Elected
Leslie Hanson Independent 1238
Raymond Harmer Independent 2195 Elected
Candidate Affiliation Votes Status
William Bowers Independent 394
Paul Craine Independent 1090
Howard Quayle Independent 1205 Elected
Bill Shimmins Independent 1357 Elected
Candidate Affiliation Votes Status
Anthony Allen Independent 510
Rob Callister Independent 1272 Elected
Timothy Craig Independent 841
Julie Edge Liberal Vannin 953 Elected
David Quirk Independent 822
Candidate Affiliation Votes Status
Alex Allinson Independent 2946 Elected
Nick Crowe Independent 716
Lawrie Hooper Liberal Vannin 1471 Elected
John McDonough Independent 236
Leonard Singer Independent 886
Candidate Affiliation Votes Status
Leo Cussons Independent 331
James Hampton Independent 1033
Mark Kemp Independent 1104
Laurence Skelly Independent 1212 Elected
Juan Watterson Independent 2087 Elected