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Isle of Man abuse victims urged to come forward

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Victims and people with knowledge of abuse at a former children's home on the Isle of Man have been urged to come forward by the Manx government.

A committee will examine claims of abuse at Knottfield Home in Douglas, which closed in 1983.

Tim Baker MHK told Tynwald, "government has not properly investigated or acknowledged what went on" at the home.

Police from the UK examined allegations in the 1990s, which ended in a former employee being imprisoned.

Last year, additional complainants came forward and a Manx police investigation took place.

One of the complainants was a constituent of Mr Baker.

The MHK told Tynwald: "Whilst I understand that the evidence was strong the matter did not, however, proceed to trial.

"I understand that this was primarily because of the age and medical condition of the accused."

The Manx parliamentary committee, which has been asked to reveal its findings by December, has also been instructed to "investigate the adequacy of current procedures to protect from abuse children in care" and to issue its report next March.

A government spokesman said all information submitted to the committee would be treated in confidence.

Written evidence "relating to policy matters" may be published, however.

Mr Baker added: "The experience has had, and still has, damaging consequences for the victims - it is not something that has gone away.

"Many have had no opportunity for counselling, support or assistance to work through or to move on from the experiences that they suffered whilst in the care of the government - they need to achieve closure and for this they need our help."

The deadline for written submissions is 12:00 BST on 30 August.

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