Isle of Man considers organ donation law change

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image captionThere are currently nine islanders awaiting transplant operations on the Isle of Man

Manx politicians are considering new laws which could boost the number of organ donors on the Isle of Man.

In the House of Keys on Tuesday, MHK Martyn Perkins put forward proposals to adopt an opt-out organ donation system.

It would mean people's consent to donate organs after death is presumed, unless they have explicitly said otherwise.

Currently unless a person is registered on the UK organ donor database, their families will be asked to decide.

The opt-out system is currently used in Wales and a number of other European countries.

The British Medical Association believes that over time it would lead to an increase in organ donation.

But some critics say there is no evidence for this.

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image captionDaniel Boyde died in a car crash in 2007 and his organ donations have helped four people

Mr Perkins said: "It is essential we look at updating our law to ensure we have as many organs as possible available for donation. We can and need to do better.

"There are nine people on the island waiting for a transplant, and since 2013 six people on the waiting list have died."

A campaign was launched in September after it was revealed only 15% of islanders were registered donors, compared to a third of people in the UK.

It was backed by the mother of teenage car crash victim Daniel Boyde, whose organs were donated after his death in 2007.

Diane Taylor said: "If you would be happy to receive an organ in order to save your own life, then why wouldn't you be happy to donate one to save another?"

If approved by the Manx parliament, the opt-out scheme could be introduced in about 18 months.

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