Cemetery preserved in Westmount Quarry development

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Seventy people are interred at Strangers Cemetery at Westmount Quarry

A Jewish cemetery in Jersey will be preserved while the surrounding area is redeveloped.

Parish authorities initially offered to re-locate Strangers Cemetery situated on the Westmount Quarry development.

But the Jewish community said it was against their custom to move an interred body, and it will now remain on the site.

Developers, Dandara, have permission to build 196 flats, 16 sheltered apartments, a nursing home and nursery.

The cemetery has been used on the island intermittently since the middle of the 19th century.

'Can't disinter bodies'

Stephen Regal, head of Jersey's Jewish community said: "The current Jewish community administers and maintains it.

"When our members died we buried them in the old cemetery and we continue to do so.

"It's virtually full now but there's room in the distant future for spouses.

"It's surrounded by the existing flats at Westmount and it will be part of the new development."

Mr Regal said that the Parish of St Helier had approached the community to inquire about relocating the cemetery.

He said: "We're unable to accept that kind of offer, due to custom, we can't disinter bodies once they're buried.

"I've had discussion with Dandara and they're going to refurbish the walls surrounding it and build a patio at the front with a sculpture and they're going to arrange car parking for us when we visit."

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