Islanders fear cuts to Jersey Post services

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Jersey Post said profits collapsed last year as mail volumes tumbled

A lack of demand for postal services in Jersey could result in a change to the post office's role.

Jersey Post's chief executive Ian Carr has said the company is handling ten million fewer items than last year.

It has carried out a public consultation into the future role of the post office, claiming it cannot afford to keep the service it has now.

Thousands of islanders have signed a petition, fearing services could be cut to three days a week.

Revenue for the States-owned company has been falling because less mail is being delivered to an increasing number of homes on the island.

Earlier this year Jersey Post announced up to 80 jobs will go over the next four years as part of its restructuring plans in order to remain competitive and commercially viable.

Mr Carr said changes had to be made, explaining that Jersey Post's profits had "collapsed" in 2009 as letter mail volumes tumbled.

He has warned the company could become insolvent within a few years unless radical action is taken now.

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