Senator calls for Jersey's copyright law to be updated

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A call is being made in Jersey to update the copyright law which has not been changed for 100 years.

The current law "does not take into account technology such as television and the internet and does not sufficiently protect online content".

Senator Alan Maclean says the law needs to be updated to entice "idea-rich" companies to invest in the island.

He said: "If we haven't got the right laws meeting international standards we lose the opportunity for businesses."

Intellectual property

Original content can be protected by the copyright law which means that no one can pass it off as their own.

Senator Maclean, the Minister for Economic Development said: "The content that's created by individuals and companies isn't protected in the way that we would like to see them, consequently further investment is going to be limited.

"We are now in a modern technological age and of course content can be put into a digital form and transmitted in many different ways."

Senator Maclean said that he wanted the copyright law to be updated for Jersey's economic future.

"Intellectual property stimulates the ideas economy, it attracts idea-rich businesses and fits the profile of what we're looking for economic diversification."

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