Jersey will see a new political reform group in 2011

Deputy Montfort Tadier
Image caption Deputy Tadier announced the launch of the new group at an anti-GST protest

A new political group will be formed to field candidates for the 2011 general election in Jersey.

It is likely to be called Reform Jersey and would stop short of being a full political party.

Details of the new group were released at a demonstration against planned Goods and Services Tax (GST) increases in the island.

Deputy Montfort Tadier, part of the Time4Change pressure group, said he might be involved in the new group.

He said: "I've always been upfront, last time I did stand as a Time4Change candidate in both the Senatorial and Deputy elections.

"My policies haven't changed and I will be happy to work with any candidates and States members who share common aims."

Deputy Geoff Southern, of the Jersey Democratic Alliance, said Reform Jersey candidates will stand united on one issue.

He said: "Those candidates will be committed to reforming the States to ensure your voices can make a difference and your votes can make a difference in that chamber.

"We need reform of the States to get a single membership and a proper general election in the island if we are to achieve any change in social or economic terms whatsoever."

But Deputy Southern will still be standing as a Jersey Democratic Alliance candidate.

"It's not the end of the JDA, what we are looking for is to stand candidates committed to a single idea, which is reform of the States of Jersey.

"I will be standing as a JDA candidates, if we can get JDA candidates to stand on a full platform of measures then we will do."

Deputy Tadier told BBC Jersey: "We can get hung up on the definitions I think, clearly it is not a political party, party politics will not happen overnight in Jersey.

"There needs to be a way for the electorate to identify what an independent candidate or somebody who has an affiliation stands for. It is very difficult to do."

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