Sex offenders register comes into force in January

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Senator le Maurquand said the new law will come into force on 1 January 2011

From 1 January 2011, sex offenders will not have to tell police when they travel despite the new sex offenders law coming into effect.

Jersey's home affairs minister said there is still more work to be done before all the rules of the new law are in place.

The law will introduce restraining orders, keeping offenders away from certain people or places.

It is thought the law will affect about 15 high-risk offenders and 38 others.

Jersey's home affairs minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand, says most of the structure is already in place to enforce it.

But he says one thing he has not done yet is to sign an order to ensure offenders tell police when they travel outside Jersey and where they are going.

That is one part of the law that will not be active until that has been signed, and he says there is a lot of work still to do on that section.

Senator Le Marquand said: "Offenders would have to notify when they intend to travel off the island and where they are going.

"The purpose of that is to enable an application to be made to the court for a travel order to stop them.

"If they are seeking to go to places that are well known for paedophile tourists then we want to stop them going there.

"This is for two reasons, firstly so they won't commit offences against children in other places, but also if they do that they are more likely to want to do the same when they come back again."

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