Views sought on Jersey children's plan

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The children's policy group want views on the new children's plan

A group creating a plan for children in Jersey is calling for people to get in touch and share their views on how to improve the lives of young people.

The children's policy group is looking at issues such as the cost of higher education and the effects of divorce.

Ruth Johnson, chief executive officer of the children's policy group, said it was about supporting young people.

She said: "We want to have a real sense of direction in terms of what we do to support young people in the island."

Ms Johnson said that it was also about making sure they get the best results for the public money they are investing.

One idea the group are looking at is whether women in Jersey should be encouraged to breast-feed for longer.

Ms Johnson said: "We should probably be investing more money in what we call early intervention, which is helping children and families that look as if they might be spiralling into some sort of crisis.

"There are certain things we think we should be doing but we want to go out there and check with the public that they think those ideas are right."

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