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Woman pulled to safety after cliff fall in Jersey

image captionThe rescue took two hours and 40 minutes
Firefighters used a winch and rescue lines to pull an injured woman 160m (525ft) from the bottom of a cliff in Jersey.
Eleven firefighters were involved in rescuing the woman who had fallen at La Point Du Fret at 1700 GMT on Sunday.
Paramedics asked for assistance with helping the woman who had slipped over and suffered a twisted knee.
The fire service said the remote area, fading light and difficult terrain made it a "long and testing rescue".
The woman was taken to hospital after the rescue which lasted two hours and 40 minutes.
Mark Walker, white watch commander with Jersey Fire and Rescue Service, said there were also concerns as the tide was high.
"It was quite a difficult rescue and time was an issue. If the woman had been more seriously injured the rescue could have taken longer," he said.
The injured woman was carried 600m (1,968ft) on a stretcher after being winched to safety.