Campaign to give Jersey children sex choice

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St Thomas Church
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The Catholic Church in Jersey are encouraging young people to make informed choices

A Campaign being run by Jersey's Catholic Church will encourage people to make informed choices about sex.

The Pure in Heart campaign is being aimed at young people in the island.

Pure in Heart Campaigner and pastoral youth assistant, Mary Cahill, wants young people to have a range of options.

She said young people are given so much advice about safe sex but wants to ensure those who want to say no to early sex have support too.

Mrs Cahill said the Pure at Heart team will be presenting the message at a series of meetings.

She said: "Pure in Heart is a team who presents young people with the option to wait for sex until marriage.

"Attending the session helps young people to be able to make informed choices and empowers those who want to wait to have the confidence to know it is ok, even in today's society."

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