Jersey minister says people have 'work responsibility'

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Deputy Gorst says people have a responsibility to get work if it is available

Jersey's social security minister has said people claiming income support have a responsibility to go out and get work when it is available.

Deputy Ian Gorst wants to increase work incentive money paid to individuals and families on income support in Jersey.

He said it would help ensure people are better off in work than at home.

Deputy Gorst said: "In order to access the money you would have to show you are taking your responsibility seriously."

He said people would have to show they are actually trying to find work.

The minister said it would mean families claiming income support would be motivated to seize all job opportunities.

"I think that everyone in our community recognises there is this contract between the tax payer and the individual or family receiving this support.

"Part of that contract is that we as a society say 'yes we are going to help you in difficult times' but you have a responsibility to go out and get work when it is available."

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