Jersey police motorbikes may make a return

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Police motorcycles could be brought back to Jersey

Police motorcycles could be bought back to Jersey after being scrapped in 2004 to save money.

Jersey's new police chief, Mike Bowron, said motorcycles would be a welcome addition to the force.

But he said that introducing motorcycles would probably mean sacrificing police cars to pay for it.

He said: "Personally I think there is a case for bringing motorcycles back to Jersey. I have asked for work to be done in terms of affordability."

Mr Bowron said: "In light of the current economic constraints we have to be careful how we spend public money."

Deputy Bob Hill, a fomer officer in the Met Police in the UK, said a lot of thought needed to be given to the type of motorcycles used.

He said: "I don't think there is any place whatsoever now for the big motorbikes, around 1,000 cc.

"But I do think there is a place for the smaller ones, I would think something around 125 [cc] would be able to get around the island quickly.

"It would certainly be of assistance to police officers themselves getting through traffic."

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