Black stork found in Jersey 'settling in' at Edinburgh

Black stork
Image caption The rare black stork is doing well at its new home at Edinburgh zoo

A rare black stork that fell to the ground in Jersey while migrating is said to be doing well at Edinburgh zoo.

The young male was found with a broken wing in Mourier Valley last summer and was cared for by a local vet, Max Allen.

Colin Oulton, of Edinburgh Zoo, said the stork, the first spotted in Jersey in 20 years, has a new enclosure.

He said the extent of its injury means it cannot currently be put re-released into the wild.

He said: "The stork was temporarily housed at Durrell Wildlife Park in Jersey, before coming to Edinburgh Zoo last month."

"Although the original plan was for the bird to stay in Jersey for only a couple of months until he was strong enough to finish his migration, the severity of his injury made his re-release into the wild unsuitable," Mr Oulton said.

"He still has the ability to glide, but is unable to fly at any great height and is probably not strong enough to survive the rigours of migration."

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