Identity of buyer of Kate Middleton's dress is revealed

The identity of the Jersey buyer of the see-through dress worn by Kate Middleton has been revealed.

Nicky Roberts, the nephew of Jersey collector David Gainsborough-Roberts, was the "Nick from Jersey" the world's media had been trying to find.

The dress, modelled by Miss Middleton at a university fashion show, sold for £65,000 plus fees.

Mr Gainsborough-Roberts had shown his nephew the catalogue but had no idea until Friday that he had bought it.

He revealed on BBC Radio Jersey that the dress would be sold to raise money for charity.

Mr Gainsborough-Roberts said: "We are going to put it in the British Antique Dealers Association fair next week in London at the Duke of York barracks.

"We are going to do it to raise money for charity," he said.

The collector added: "Miss Middleton is probably going to be the next Queen of England, and so therefore it is of historical importance - probably more important than Queen Victoria's bloomers - which I have in my collection."

Mr Gainsborough-Roberts said he was trying to organise with his nephew for the dress to come to Jersey on Saturday.

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