Increase in accidental poisoning of children in Jersey

Parents are being warned to keep medication and other dangerous products away from children.

Child Accident Prevention Jersey (CAPJ) said there had been a marked increase in children going to accident and emergency at Jersey's General hospital after being accidentally poisoned.

It said the number had doubled year on year since 2008.

Last year, 45 children were taken to A&E and five of those needed to be admitted to hospital.

CAPJ said parents should read the labels to find out what is poisonous.

It said: "Common incidents stem from children helping themselves to liquid medication, adult's tablets, household and gardening products - whether it was from a bedside table or handbag, under the kitchen sink, a bathroom cupboard or garden shed."

Pauline Huelin, a health visitor, said: "As children get older, they also find it easier to get into child-resistant packaging, some three to four year olds can open child-resistant tops in seconds.

"So child-resistant does not mean child-proof, it just slows them down, that is why it is crucial for parents to stay one step ahead, by keeping dangerous things out of the reach of their inquisitive, exploring children.

"There is no substitute for active supervision and child-proofing, if a product label says keep out of reach of children, there is a reason, keep it high and in a locked cupboard."

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