Illegal immigrants working in Jersey is a growing trend

Illegal immigrants coming to Jersey is a growing and worrying trend, according to a Jersey immigration report.

Three Bangladeshi people working illegally in Jersey were deported in 2010.

The Jersey Customs and Immigration Service said two of the people returned to Bangladesh while the other filed for asylum in the UK.

The people arrived in Jersey from the UK where they had been living illegally.

'Good detective work'

Mike Robinson, the Head of Customs and Immigration, said there was a trend emerging where illegal immigrants were coming to Jersey and managing to find jobs.

Thirteen people were picked up by Immigration trying to get into the island, but it is thought others were getting through.

Mr Robinson said: "These people mentioned in the report came from the UK, they didn't pass through our immigration controls, they came in and then found work in the island.

"We then rely on good detective and good investigative work to track them down."

Mr Robinson is reminding employers to pay close attention to the people they employ.

He said: "If they are not British subjects or EU citizens, then if they have suspicions just call us and we will look into it."

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