Jersey doctor says HIV still carries a stigma

Despite advances in care there is still a stigma attached to having HIV in Jersey, according to a doctor.

Research in 2010 showed the number of cases of people with the virus in Jersey was rising, while awareness about it is falling.

Dr Edward Klaber works at the Jersey General Hospital and volunteers for a HIV charity in Tanzania.

He said the discrimination people with the virus face in Jersey is often a bigger problem than the disease itself.

Dr Klaber told BBC News: "To me it seems for people living with HIV and aids, the illness is one of the least of their problems.

"The things people struggle with a lot are the social and psychological things for us in a place where HIV is not as common as in the developing world.

"It is important people learn to treat others they may come across in their lives with HIV and how to allow people to get on with their lives as normal."

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