Jersey's marine authorities work to stop illegal fish trade

Image caption Fishermen have been given permits to prove they are licensed

Jersey's marine authorities have started a campaign to stop the illegal trading of fish in the island.

They are pushing businesses to demand to see the licences of fishermen before buying their catch. Selling fish and seafood without a licence is illegal in Jersey.

The fisheries department said it undercut the price of catches and made it difficult to monitor fish stocks.

Don Thompson, who represents Jersey fishermen, said it was a good scheme.

He said: "What happens when unlicensed fish hits the market at lower prices is it removes that demand for commercial fishermen."

Mike Smith, from marine resources, said fishermen had been given permits, like identity cards, to prove they were licensed.

He said: "We are aware there is a problem but we do not know the scale of it.

"As the restaurants get busy there is a bigger demand for shellfish and fish in the summer."

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