Jersey politicians concern over prison staff levels

Politicians in Jersey want to find out whether the island's only prison could cope with an increase in inmates with the current staffing levels.

A government scrutiny panel is investigating staffing at La Moye prison in St Brelade.

Deputy Jeremy Macon said fewer officers meant the shift system had changed.

He said they were coping for now, but that he was concerned they would not manage if the average prison population of 184 grew.

Deputy Macon's panel will question the prison governor at a public hearing later.

Recommended levels

The prison service annual report, published in April, showed staffing levels at La Moye dropped below recommended levels in 2011 to about 160 including management and specialist staff.

Prison governor, Bill Millar, said he had to reduce staffing levels to meet cuts he knew were coming in 2012.

He said: "What we won't do is put people at risk, whether it be staff or prisoners."

They will also talk to the head of Customs and Immigration about budget cuts to its service.

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