Jersey Minister to be quizzed on 'Jimmy Carr tax damage'

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Comedian Jimmy Carr
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Jimmy Carr is said to be one of more than 1,000 people using the K2 scheme

A Jersey minister is to be asked in the States if revelations about comedian Jimmy Carr's tax details have damaged the island's reputation.

Economic Development Minister Alan Maclean will be asked on Tuesday what damage has been done, if any.

He will also be asked whether the issue will affect attracting wealthy clients to the island in future.

Mr Carr said he made a "terrible error of judgement" being involved with K2, a legal Jersey-based scheme.

Last week, Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf defended the reputation of the finance industry, saying Jersey could not stop people using aggressive schemes to pay less tax elsewhere.

More than 1,000 people, including Mr Carr, were thought to be using the legal Jersey-based K2 scheme.

It is said to be sheltering £168m a year from the UK Treasury.

Mr Ozouf said most financial services in Jersey were well regulated and good for business.

About 24% of all employees in Jersey were employed in the finance sector in 2011, making up about 40% of the island's economy.

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