Jersey hospital gives medical kit to charity

About £17,000 worth of medical equipment is being given to a South African charity by Jersey.

The General Hospital, Family Nursing and the Jersey Hospice have donated out-of-date equipment.

The island is giving 17 syringe drivers, small pumps that deliver palliative medicine at set intervals without the need for a nurse.

The Rotary Club of Jersey will take the equipment to South African charity Abundant Life.

In Jersey and the UK, all hospices and hospitals are required to replace their existing units with models which comply with the latest regulations.

'Worthwhile cause'

The units cost about £1,000 each and were unaffordable for the Cape Town-based charity before this initiative.

They are being sent from hospices and hospitals throughout the British Isles via Rotary clubs.

Rotarian Pam Staley, who led the initiative in Jersey, said she was delighted to see redundant equipment going to such a good cause.

Gary Kynman, from Jersey General Hospital, said: "Changes in technology and innovation in medical technology can, on occasion, render equipment that still has working value redundant.

"To find such a worthwhile cause to make use of our old syringe drivers is a real bonus. It's good to know that patients in South Africa will benefit from their continuing use."

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