Jersey GCSE students 'treated with sympathy'

Jersey students affected by the GCSE "marking debacle" will be treated sympathetically, according to the head of Jersey's education board.

Mario Lundy said: "Each year some young people are unable to follow the course of their choosing because they do not achieve the necessary grades.

"We will ensure that any student who has been genuinely affected by this debacle is treated sympathetically."

Schools are assessing which results should be the subject of an appeal.

Mr Lundy said the island had seen a drop in results.

'Achieve fair grades'

"Particularly in English where we see an overall drop of approximately 10% mostly affecting C/D border grades," he said

"Our concerns are focussed on the border between C and D grades, which is critical for students who want to move on to other courses.

"However, the problem has not affected all schools. Some have more students in the C-D grade range and have therefore been affected more than others."

At a meeting of head teachers it was agreed that where individuals had come close to the higher grade they would ask parents if they wished to pursue an appeal in an attempt to improve their child's result.

Mr Lundy urged parents who had concerns about their children to contact their schools.

He said: "The department will support schools in their attempts to achieve fair grades for their students.

"We are also monitoring the developments in the UK, where there are calls for an independent inquiry. If the situation alters we will respond accordingly."

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