More Jersey land used for growing potatoes

More land has been used for growing potatoes in Jersey, according to the States' Environment Department.

Figures showed 18,000 vergées (8021 acres) were used for growing Jersey Royals in 2011, compared to 16,745 (7442 acres) in 2010.

The increase in land used for potatoes offset a reduced yield, which was caused by drought, the department said.

Export sales of potatoes dropped by £0.6m from £31.4m in 2010, to £30.8m in 2011.

The department said the amount of land used for orchards also increased in 2011, citing a growing demand for cider as the reason.

2011 also saw new greenhouses built for the first time in a number of years, which the department stated was the reason behind a growth in tomato production locally.

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