Jersey man Robert Schmidt died in Bali holiday fall

A Jersey man who died while on holiday on the Indonesian island of Bali was happy and looking forward to coming home, an inquest heard.

Robert Schmidt, 32, had spent the evening with friends before he fell to his death last year.

His body was found in the car park of The White Rose Hotel, Kuta, after apparently falling 40ft (12m) from the roof in the early hours of 26 June.

Mr Schmidt was in Bali for a wedding and to surf.

He was living in Australia but had been due to visit family in Jersey.

'Questions unanswered'

The inquest was delayed for more than a year after problems getting information from the Balinese authorities.

A pathologist told the inquest Mr Schmidt had died of injuries consistent with a fall but the circumstances were unclear.

There was some dispute over the evidence gathered by the Bali authorities.

Mr Schmidt's family said they knew he had been drinking but medical reports suggested there was no alcohol in his system.

The coroner said there was no evidence Mr Schmidt took his own life or was chased on to the roof of the hotel.

His mother Catherine Schmidt said she had accepted that her questions might never be answered.

"I have been living with it for about 18 months, so I have come to terms with that," she said.

"These questions will still be there but I've accepted they will be unanswered."

But she said she was grateful for the efforts of local authorities.