Jersey police increase Christmas patrols

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Jersey police on patrol
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There will be two police shifts overlapping and an extra 8-12 officers

Jersey Police will be increasing patrols over the next two weekends to raise awareness of excessive drinking.

Ch Insp Chris Beechey said the force wanted to make sure people were not putting themselves or others in danger over the Christmas period.

He said the two weekends before Christmas were the busiest of the year for the force because of the number of people out and about.

There will be two overlapping police shifts with an extra 8-12 officers.

Mr Beechey said the States police would work with the Honorary force to offer advice and support to drinkers.

He said: "We would like everyone to drink sensibly and ensure you are not vulnerable or make someone else vulnerable as a result of excessive drinking.

"There is a great deal people can do as individuals to increase their safety and reduce the likelihood of being a victim of crime or alternatively doing something they will ultimately regret when sober."

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