Sleet and snow forecast for Jersey and Guernsey

Sleet and snow is expected to fall in Jersey and Guernsey on Friday morning, says Jersey's Met Department.

Jersey's Met Department Forecaster Mark Le Cornu said there could be below zero temperatures and sleet or snow by morning.

He said: "We will have some snow... it will reach us at about three or four o'clock in the morning."

He said the snow was expected to continue falling through the rest of the morning.

Jersey's Road Safety Officer Philip Blake said drivers should take extra care on the roads.

'Significant resources'

Jersey's Education Department said islanders should expect an announcement on school closures on BBC Radio Jersey after 06:00 GMT.

Guernsey's States said preparations were in place should there be snow or ice.

A States spokesman said the Public Services Department had "invested in significant resources to ensure the island is suitably prepared, including the purchase of the chemical calcium magnesium acetate (CMA) and a number of lorry mounted gritters."

In Guernsey, salt can only be used outside the water catchment area because it can contaminate the water supply, so the de-icer CMA needs to be used.

The Education Department said an announcement on any Guernsey school closures should be announced at about 07:15 GMT on BBC Guernsey.

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