Jersey States reject migrant worker fee

Politicians have rejected plans to encourage businesses to take on island residents in Jersey.

Employers will not have to pay a fee for taking on migrants after Senator Paul Routier's proposal was dismissed.

The suggestion was part of reforms to work and housing laws that would change who could live and work in the island.

Under the plans there would have been a £50 charge per registered employee who had not already lived in Jersey for a certain length of time.

'Stop this nonsense'

Deputy James Baker, who runs a recruitment agency, said businesses had not been consulted.

He said he could not support something that added an extra burden during difficult economic conditions.

Deputy Baker told the States: "Protectionism never works and will only damage our economy further, if we want a strong economy then stop bringing in all this nonsense.

"Focus on creating opportunities and allow prosperity to return in an economy supported by government and one that thrives because of a lack of interference."

The plans did not go to a full vote after the States agreed to move on without debating them further.

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