Jersey manual workers vote to strike

Jersey manual workers have voted overwhelmingly in favour of strike action, according to the union Unite.

Members were balloted in reaction to proposed changes to their pay and conditions.

Senator Ian Gorst, head of the States Employment Board, said they could not offer more than they already had.

Nick Corbel, of Unite, said members felt browbeaten and it was about more than just pay.

He said there was a 48.2% turnout, with 73% voting in favour of strike action, but had not set a date yet.

"This is a massive mandate to organise strike action as well as other industrial action. We are going to meet with the States next week and we will tell them to reconsider their position.

"It is clear the membership have no confidence in the way pay has been handled by the States employment board.

"They feel they are being browbeaten and bullied by the employer and they have had enough of it," he said.

Mr Gorst - along with four other politicians - make up the States board to oversee civil servants' pay and conditions.

The board's offer applies to all public sector workers.

Unions representing both teachers and nurses have said members were also considering industrial action.

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