Jersey One World Group founded to halt slave trade cash

A new group has been set up in Jersey to try to ensure the island plays a role in ending the modern slave trade.

The Jersey One World Group aims to prevent profits from human trafficking finding their way into the island's financial services industry.

The campaign group Free the Slaves has estimated there are 27 million people in slavery around the world.

Group member Jean le Maistre said Jersey, as a "world player" in finance, had a responsibility to act.

The former island politician said it was essential Jersey's laws were strong enough to stop criminal money making its way to the island.

Suspicious transactions

Senior civil servants and the Business Contact group are also involved with the new group.

Colin Powell, the adviser to Jersey's Chief Minister on international affairs, said the island had built a good reputation for flagging up suspicious transactions.

However, he said more attention was paid, locally and globally, to funds made from the drug trade, which was given a higher priority.

This meant, he said, that vigilance was needed, even though little evidence has yet emerged of human traffickers using Jersey to launder money.

"A the moment - internationally - trafficking in human beings is described as a low-risk, high-reward activity," he said.

"What the international community is seeking to do - and Jersey's part of that - is to turn it into a high-risk, low-reward [activity]."

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