Jersey summer lottery jackpot set at £200,000

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The top prize for the Jersey summer lottery is £200,000, less than half of the originally estimated jackpot of £500,000.

The winning ticket, drawn earlier, was 121475 with the second prize of £100,000 going to 110391.

The inaugural summer lottery, which was held across the Channel Islands last year, had a £450,000 jackpot, short of its £1m maximum jackpot.

Organisers say poor ticket sales were to blame for the lower jackpot.

This was also the case in 2012 which led to Guernsey dropping out of the lottery, with Jersey running it alone this year.

Tickets for the lottery were £10 each, compared to £2 in 2012 and it is not yet known whether it will go ahead in 2014.

The summer lottery was launched in a bid to help raise funds for island charities, which has been done by the Channel Islands Christmas Lottery since 1976.

Jurat Geoffrey Allo, from charity the Caesarea Association which received £18,000 from ticket sales in 2012, said it was a vital part of their financing their work.

He said: "We do get support from other organisations and corporations but they have suffered greatly because of the financial situation.

"It is not an overstatement to say without the lottery it would be incredibly difficult, I think we could carry on but I don't want to face that problem."

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