Mandatory helmets for child cyclists

Children cycling
Image caption Politicians did admit any new cycling helmet law would be difficult to enforce

Cyclists in Jersey under the age of 16 should be forced to wear helmets, a group of politicians says.

The Environment Scrutiny Panel has been looking into rules proposed by the Transport Minister, originally for children under 14.

Its chairman, Deputy John Young, said although it would be difficult to enforce, such legislation could save lives and help reduce injuries.

States members are due to debate the proposal this week.

Previous attempts to make helmets compulsory for all cyclists have been rejected.

"There is no evidence our consultants could find that introducing helmets for children would discourage cycling," said Deputy Young.

"Cycling helmets do reduce injury, particularly with children.

"At the age of 16, there's a whole lot of things in life you take on, responsibilities in the law, so there's a clear-cut case for adopting that age," he added.

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