Jersey firm laundered money for Kenyan official

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The confiscation order, which compromises two payments of £3.3m and $540,000 (£390,000), means the company has been stripped of all its assets

A firm has been stripped of more than £3.6m in assets for money laundering, following a global investigation.

Jersey-registered company Windward Trading Limited pleaded guilty on Wednesday to four counts of money laundering, at Jersey's Royal Court.

The corrupt activities took place between 1999 and 2001 in Kenya, where Windward's beneficial owner, Samuel Gichuru, is resident.

Twelve jurisdictions, including the UK and the US, provided legal assistance.

Attorney General Robert MacRae said: "This is a very important case, demonstrating Jersey's commitment to combating money laundering and tackling international corruption.

"I look forward to discussions with the Kenyan authorities on an asset sharing agreement in order to repatriate the confiscated funds to Kenya."

The investigation, led by Jersey Law Officers' Department, took nine years.

Jersey has been seeking to extradite Mr Gichuru, as well as former Kenyan Energy Minister, Chrysanthus Okemo, since 2011, to face money laundering charges in connection with Windward's activities.

Mr Gichuru was chief executive of government utility Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC), when it awarded contracts to a number of engineering and energy companies who made corrupt payments to Windward.

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