Sunken £1.8m P6T2 Jersey yacht washes up in Carteret

Wreckage of the P6T2 Image copyright Daniel Varin
Image caption Efforts to salvage the yacht off the coast of Jersey failed in December.

A "large part" of a yacht, reportedly worth £1.8m, that sank off Jersey has washed up on a beach in France.

Two men on-board abandoned ship on a life raft and were rescued by a lifeboat after the 'P6T2' hit a buoy in St Aubin's Bay in November 2017.

The wreckage appeared in the Portbail area, south of Carteret, on Friday, Ports of Jersey confirmed.

An operation to salvage the vessel was suspended in December, after divers found it had broken up on the sea bed.

A Ports of Jersey spokesperson said Jersey Coastguard is putting French authorities in touch with the yacht owner's insurance company.

Image copyright Tony Rive
Image caption The P6T2, reportedly worth £1.8m, sank after hitting a buoy

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