Dog found in Jersey after four days down rabbit hole

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Winston the dogImage source, Debbie Wood
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Winston tucked into some scrambled eggs after his four day-ordeal

A Jack Russell terrier had to be dug out of a rabbit hole after being trapped for four nights underground.

Eight-year-old Winston got stuck in warrens underneath sand dunes near St Ouen's Bay in Jersey.

Owner Debbie Wood said she "never would have found him" without the help of locals who joined in the rescue efforts.

Volunteers used cameras, metal detectors and other dogs to help track down the pooch.

Ms Wood said she first became worried after Winston disappeared on a Sunday afternoon walk.

Image source, James Jones
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Rescuers braved the elements in the search for Winston, which lasted from Sunday to Wednesday

"I guessed he'd disappeared down a rabbit hole because my other dog was sitting by one, which is what he normally does when Winston goes down there," she said.

Later in the day she posted on the social media page of a local dog group, asking if anyone had seen him.

Over the next few days she was joined by members of the group who helped in the search.

She said on Tuesday another person's dog caught Winston's scent, who was buried under 6.5ft (2m) of sand.

On Wednesday Ms Wood said a local company, Drainway Services, volunteered the use of cameras, which were lowered into the warrens.

Image source, Debbie Wood
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Winston's owner said the Jack Russell had been given a "clean bill of health"

Nigel Way, the company's managing director, said volunteers carefully worked for eight hours to dig Winston out, as they did not want the sand to "cave in" on him.

He said there was a "good community spirit" from the rescuers and locals nearby.

Ms Wood said the group "cheered" when Winston emerged from the warren at about 21:30 GMT on Wednesday.

"He wouldn't' been here if they [the rescuers] hadn't been there."

"It was chucking it down with rain, it was blowing a gale, and they still stayed and persevered, and none of them knew me," she added.

Ms Wood said vets gave Winston a "clean bill of health".