Opt-out organ donation comes into force in Jersey

Image caption Wales has used a similar system since 2015

An opt-out system for organ donation has come into force in Jersey.

The law, passed in April 2018, means consent for organ donation is implied unless specified otherwise.

Anyone who does not wish to donate will have to express their wishes with the organ donation register.

However, the new system is a "soft" opt-out, which means doctors will consult the family of the potential donor where no consent has been registered.

Wales has used a similar system since 2015 and England intends to introduce implied consent in 2020.

'Save more lives'

According to Jersey's government, the purpose of the change is to make it more simple for islanders to donate and "potentially save more lives".

Organ donation charity Live Life Give Life said it was important people shared their wishes with their loved ones.

The charity's chairman, Mandy Venters, said probability of consent from relatives was "far greater" when a donor had signed the register.

"It is critical for people's next of kin to know what their loved one's wishes are regarding becoming an organ donor," she added.

As of 21 June, 21,358 islanders are registered on the National Organ Donation Register.

The Isle of Man is in the process of introducing legislation and is expected to give the bill its first reading in autumn.

Guernsey consulted on changing to a system of "deemed consent" in March 2018 and is working on introducing the change.

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