Haiti delays ruling on Wyclef Jean's presidential run

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A young girl washes out a sack as heavy rain hits Haiti on 17 August
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Many Haitians are still in camps seven months on from the earthquake

Haiti's electoral commission has delayed until Friday its final decision on who it will allow to run in November's presidential election.

The board, which had been due to publish the final list on Tuesday, said the eligibility of several candidates still needed to be checked.

Hip hop star Wyclef Jean, who lives in the US, is among those who have had their status questioned.

Haiti is still struggling to recover from January's devastating earthquake.

The disaster killed an estimated 230,000 people and left more than one million homeless.

Many Haitians are still living in camps and temporary shelters.

'In hiding'

There are more than 30 people vying for the presidency. Current leader Rene Preval cannot seek another term.

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Wyclef Jean says he has received death threats

Mr Jean, the former frontman of the 1990s hip hop group The Fugees, said he awaited the decision by the electoral authorities.

The Haitian constitution requires candidates to have lived in the country for five consecutive years prior to an election.

Mr Jean, who grew up in the US, holds a Haitian passport and has US residency.

He has argued that his appointment as a roving ambassador for Haiti in 2007 exempts him from the residency requirement.

Mr Jean has, meanwhile, said he is in hiding after receiving death threats.

In an exchange of emails, the singer told the Associated Press that he was at a secret location in Haiti.

He revealed few details but said he had received several warnings, including one telling him to leave the country.

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