Chile miners: Supplying the miners

The supply lifeline

A hole not much wider than a coffee cup has proved a lifeline to the 33 miners trapped underground in Chile since 5th August. Here we show a selection of items that have been sent down tubes nicknamed 'palomas' or 'doves'.

supply tube measuring 11cm by 160cm
A selection of items: First note from miner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, Games consoles, Digital Cameras, Vitamin drinks, Paracetamol, Pocket Bibles, Dice, Letters from miners to their loved ones, Syringes and vaccines, Sandwiches and vacuum packed meals, Aluminium poles for camp beds, Signed Barcelona football shirts, Dirty clothes from miners
supply cannisters being loaded

Supply cannisters are loaded

rescuers send supplies down the the borehole

Rescuers send supplies down a borehole in 'palomas'

miners unload tubes and distribute the contents

Miners unload tubes and distribute contents

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