Drug submarine seized by Colombian navy

media caption, Drug submarine discovered: Video clip from February 2011

The Colombian navy has seized a submarine believed to have been built to smuggle cocaine to Mexico.

The 31m-long (100ft) fibreglass vessel was found hidden in a jungle area in Timbiqui, in south-western Colombia.

Navy officials said it was the most sophisticated submarine they had found so far, capable of travelling 9m (30ft) below water.

The officials said it could carry four people and up to eight tonnes of cargo, and was ready to launch.

Commander of the Pacific Naval Force Adm Hernando Wills Velez said it was one of the biggest homemade submarines ever found.

He said it was equipped with sophisticated navigational equipment, which would have allowed the crew to sail as far as Mexico.

Officials estimated the cost of the vessel at more than $2m.

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