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Chilean rescuers search volcano after US tip-off

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Chilean rescue teams are searching an Andean volcano for two tourists who got into trouble and raised the alarm by dialling an emergency number in the US.

The tourists - an Italian woman and a Czech man - used a satellite phone to send their map co-ordinates to the rescue response centre in Texas.

Snowstorms have hampered the rescue, on the slopes of the Quetrupillan volcano, near the lakeside resort town of Pucon.

The area, near the Argentine border, is popular with adventure tourists.

The tourists, Anna Lombardo and Phillip Kunk, entered the national park where the volcano is located on Monday, planning to walk along a trail that should take five days.

Staff at the emergency response centre in Texas have been relaying the information they receive to the Chilean authorities, so they can co-ordinate rescue efforts on the ground.

The tourists are believed to be on the south side of the 2,360m (7,750ft) tall volcano.