Audio slideshow: Circus from the slums

For many years, the Colombian city of Cali was a byword for drugs and was best-known for the notorious Cali cartel.

There is still poverty and gang violence but today Cali has a vibrant cultural scene.

It is home to Colombia's national circus school - Circo Para Todos, or Circus for Everyone, co-founded 16 years ago by British unicyclist Felicity Simpson and Colombian circus artist, Hector Fabio Cobo Plata.

Its circus troupe Circolombia is now touring internationally with its latest show, Urban. Circolombia will perform at the UK's Glastonbury festival this weekend, and then at the Edinburgh Festival in August.

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Images courtesy of Ben Hopper, Carlos Arias, and AFP. See captions for full credits.

Audio by Alicia Trujillo, first broadcast on BBC World Service. Slideshow production by Cordelia Hebblethwaite. Publication date 22 June 2011.

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