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Panama castaway teen Adrian Vasquez returns home

A Panamanian teenager has returned home after spending 28 days stranded on a boat in the Pacific Ocean.

Adrian Vasquez, 18, headed out on the fishing vessel with two friends on 24 February.

The boat's motor failed and the boat then drifted away from the shore. Mr Vasquez's two friends died but he survived by drinking rainwater.

He was rescued on Friday when his boat was found 1,000km (620 miles) off the mainland, near the Galapagos Islands.

He was given medical attention by the Ecuadorean navy before being flown back to Panama.

Mr Vasquez arrived back in Panama on Tuesday and was met by relatives at Panama City airport.

He told reporters he had never given up hope of being rescued.

Mr Vasquez told Ecuadorean authorities he owed his survival to a sudden rainstorm that replenished his water supply, the Associated Press reports.