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Farc rebels 'to release reporter Romeo Langlois soon'

Video grab of a man identifying himself as Farc commander Anzicar
Image caption A man who identified himself as a local Farc commander said Mr Langlois was in good health

Members of the Farc rebel group in Colombia say they will soon release the French journalist Romeo Langlois, whom they are believed to be holding.

In a statement published on a Twitter account thought to belong to the Farc, the rebels say they captured Mr Langlois during clashes with the Colombian army last Saturday.

The statement says Mr Langlois will soon be released safe and sound.

Mr Langlois disappeared while filming an army raid on a cocaine laboratory.

The statement published on the @FARC_COLOMBIA Twitter account says that "the prisoner of war, French journalist Romeo Langlois, will soon be freed safe and sound".

'Prisoner of war'

Earlier on Sunday, in a video posted on YouTube by British journalist Karl Penhaul, a man dressed in rebel uniform and claiming to be the commander of a Farc rebel unit said Romeo Langlois was in good health.

The man, who identified himself as a local rebel commander, said Mr Langlois had been injured in the arm, but had received treatment for the wound.

He said that Mr Langlois had been wearing military uniform and had been taken prisoner during clashes with the Colombian army.

The statement repeated much of the information read out to journalists over the telephone on Monday by a woman claiming to be a Farc rebel.

The woman told reporters that "the 15th division (of the Farc) informs the public that the French journalist, who was dressed in military clothes and captured in battle, is in our hands as a prisoner of war".

Head of the Colombian Armed Forces Gen Alejandro Navas said that everything was ready for a possible release of Mr Langlois.

Referring to an offer by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to facilitate the release, Gen Navas said that as soon as the ICRC requested a halt in military operations in the area, he would order such a move.

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