Argentinian 'sex slave' allowed abortion after ruling

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Activists in Argentina say illegal abortions put the lives of thousands under risk

Doctors in Argentina have carried out an abortion on a woman rescued from a prostitution ring, following a Supreme Court ruling to allow the termination to go ahead.

In the predominantly Catholic country, abortion is illegal except in rape cases or to protect a woman's health.

A judge had blocked the operation, saying there was no proof that the woman had been raped.

The case led to days of protests and revived the debate in Argentina.

Doctors carried out the abortion on Friday morning, the authorities in Buenos Aires said.

Several doctors and nurses refused initially to get involved in the termination, as "conscientious objectors".

Argentina's Health Ministry intervened to clarify the procedure was legal and those involved in carrying it out would not be punished.

The 32-year-old woman was on the 10th week of pregnancy.

She said she had been kidnapped and forced into prostitution.

The Supreme Court ruling on Thursday night, overturning a decision by a judge on Tuesday, was celebrated by pro-abortion campaigners.

Cuba is the only Latin American country where abortion is legally available on request.

Last month the lower house of Congress in Uruguay voted to legalise abortion under certain circumstances.

The measure is expected to be approved by the Senate next week.

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